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Workplace Conflict Management 
Mediation & Investigation Services

Legon Consulting Ltd started in 2019 as a HR Consultancy providing generalist HR and project support, primarily to start ups and SME’s. Over time we have evolved and refined the services offered, to enable us to focus on what we are passionate about – restoring and supporting harmony in the workplace.


We are delighted that as an Associate Member of the Civil Mediation Council, Rachel is now able to offer Workplace Mediation services directly, in addition to our existing support packages which ensure that when formal processes are required, a completely impartial and supportive investigation process is achieved.


Our aim is to support business to investigate grievances fairly and impartially, resolve grievances informally, or better still avoid them all together through mediation.


Based in Chelmsford, Essex we have the ability to support businesses nationwide. 


Through our network of experienced Consultants we offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Workplace Mediation

We offer mediation services to support the resolution of both Workplace and Employment disputes. Workplace disputes are commonly relationship issues between colleagues, where individuals become unable to work collaboratively. Mediation provides a confidential and safe space to work through this and agree how best to move forward to achieve a positive working relationship. Employment disputes are those which exist between an employee and the Company. Mediation can enable a variety of issues to be resolved outside of formal procedures, saving not only time and money, but avoiding unnecessary stress to all parties.

  • Grievance Management

We support businesses to manage the end-to-end grievance process, from the initial Grievance Hearing, through to investigation, outcome and remedial action. On receipt of a grievance we will review the content with you, and provide advice on how best to approach to achieve a positive outcome. Often the recommendation will include the offer of mediation with the grievance placed on hold, or mediation as a remedial action following the determination of an outcome to the formal process.


  • Investigation Services

There will be many times when investigations are entirely necessary and appropriate, either as a result of a grievance being raised or when a suspected misconduct case arises. Often the person being investigated will feel that the investigation is biased, and an outcome pre-determined. By using an external, independent investigator to lead the investigation, who does not know the individuals concerned, their background, or how they are viewed in the business, the bias is removed from the process, almost completely. Our approach is one that is supportive to the employee(s) being investigated, whilst thoroughly establishing the facts which need to be considered. A full investigation report is provided on completion of the process. We can also offer investigation support if your preference is to have an internal investigator, whereby we can act in a note taking and advisory capacity and provide assistance in the preparation of documentation.


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